Peter Thiel’s 20 under 20 on 60 Minutes

Peter Thiel tells students to “Think hard about going to college.”  The co-founder of Pay Pal has started a program for young entrepreneurs.  He grants his 20 under 20 $100,000 to skip college and dive straight into business building instead.

Watch the video here - via

Visit the Thiel Foundation here.

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4 Responses to Peter Thiel’s 20 under 20 on 60 Minutes

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  2. jackcurtis says:

    An intriguing idea! Glad to hear of it; we need many more. Historically, monopolies without competition have not done society much good; schools being no exception. Gov. Bobby Jindal is providing Louisiana a real voucher program; parents may pick their schoool, public or private, and the state will pay the (substantial) voucher amount. Schools will have to compete for students. Mr. Thiel is offering another competitor for the schools; good for him! If any U.S. institution needs competition, those stultified, politicized pachyderms need it….

  3. TheEdRev says:

    Thanks for the comment! The more choices and information out there for students the better!

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