September 19th, 2012: Coursera adds 17 more university partners

Today, Coursera added 17 universities, which doubles the number of their partners.   Four of them are international schools (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of British Columbia, and University of Melbourne).  Brown University and Columbia University have also joined the mix.   Coursera is now offering 200 courses and serving over 1.3 million students.

An interesting bit from a NY Times article on this:

The caliber of Coursera’s partners — Princeton, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania were among the original partners — has given it credibility and cachet in higher education circles, so much so that some university presidents have begun to fret that it will reflect badly on them if they fail to sign on.

“You’re known by your partners, and this is the College of Cardinals,” said E. Gordon Gee, the president of Ohio State, one of the new partners. “It’s some of the best universities in the country.”

Mr. Gee, whose university will offer two courses from its College of Pharmacy, said he had some concerns about giving away content with no revenue stream in sight.

“That does keep me up at night,” he said. “We’re doing this in the hope and expectation that we’ll be able to build a financial model, but I don’t know what it is. But we can’t be too far behind in an area that’s growing and changing as fast as this one.”

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